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Interesting Things About Being A Law Student

Interesting Things About Being A Law Student

So, you’ve passed the first hurdle; SPM/ O-Levels/ IGCSE, and the next, Pre-U. Now the time has come for you to begin your LLB or law degree. And yes, you know all about the requirements to study law, you just need to read and research case histories and legal rules, right? Well, yes, but that’s not all.

Here are some interesting things you would experience as a law student!


1. You’re in Good Company

You’re in good company, and we don’t mean the corporate kind! Law has been a popular subject of study among public figures around the world. Famous lawyers/law graduates include Karpal Singh, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and John Grisham.


2. You develop a sense of Community

The diversity of the legal fraternity often leads to a strong sense of community within the group. Whether you decide to go into practice, or opt to specialise in another field entirely, due to the need of a solid grasp of basic legal principles, most of the legal fraternity have the experience of legal education in common, which of course serves as a bonding experience. Inevitably, this also leads to a lot of inside jokes on the more unique cases that they have studied, which leads us to the next point…


3. You have many stories to tell from studying interesting cases

When you read law, you end up studying some really interesting cases. Some of the cases may sound absurd at the outset, until you do some further reading and realise that there’s a lot more to them that meets the eye. In fact, some of the landmark cases are so unique and serve as essential precedents in present times. You can learn about how a decomposed snail in a ginger beer bottle established the foundation of the modern law of negligence and the duty of care principle, and the smoke ball guarantee offer… we could go on, but then we would be here all day!


4. You learn to see both sides of the picture

As a law student, you gain a better understanding of real-world issues. A law degree affects your life in obvious ways . Armed with a sound understanding of the law, you have the opportunity to exercise your critical thinking skills and provide solutions to complex situations that make a difference in society.


5. You have multiple career options


On the flip side, having a law degree can open many doors. It sets you up with transferable skills which can be used in different fields, such as writing, journalism or politics. Even if you decide to venture into a different field, you still have the option of returning to legal practice in the foreseeable future.