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How to Make a Good First Impression at Work

How to Make a Good First Impression at Work

“First impressions are everything”.

This holds true as studies suggest that it only takes a few seconds to form an opinion about someone. At the workplace, first impressions are most likely to have a long-term effect on your reputation and career success.

Here are some basic tips to make a great impression at work.


1. Smile and make eye contact!

This may sound cliché but smiling actually helps you and others feel at ease almost instantly. A great way to break the ice is to smile and make eye contact before starting any conversation! Be mindful not to constantly have a huge grin on your face all the time or stare at others. You want to come across as open and friendly, so a brief smile and making eye contact for the first 9-10 seconds is sufficient. If you are speaking to more than one person, then make eye contact with each person for 3 seconds to make everyone feel included in the conversation.



2. Maintain good hygiene and appearance

Good personal hygiene is of paramount importance, simply because it is noticeable almost immediately by your co-workers. Never show up to work with untidy hair or bad breath. Put in some effort on your appearance and dress appropriately for the office.



3. Be a good listener

As a general rule, being attentive to others during a conversation makes them feel valued. Being a good listener shows that you appreciate what your co-worker is saying and establishes a good relationship with them.



4. Be mindful of what you say

Confidence is the key when conversing with your co-workers. You want to stand out in a positive light and be taken seriously. If the person you are conversing with appears to be distracted, try asking them questions about their interests, etc to shift the attention on them. Always be polite – don’t cut people off in the middle of a conversation and avoid saying anything that may offend your co-workers.



5. Be organised

Keeping track of your tasks and deadlines and good time management to complete urgent projects will help you stand out for the right reasons. This way, it will be possible to lend a helping hand to other colleagues to get other tasks done and prove to your bosses that you are a great team player!



6. Stay away from gossip or office politics

Spreading rumours has a negative effect at the workplace and may often backfire on the person spreading such rumours. Talking down on the company or your co-workers also creates divisiveness at the workplace.


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