Alternative Career Options for Malaysian Law Graduates

Alternative Career Options for Malaysian Law Graduates

By BAC Apprentices


Sadhguru once said, “Life is fluid, ever evolving. The more dynamic you are, the more happens in your life all the time. 

Even for a law graduate, you absolutely can pursue career paths that does not involve becoming a lawyer in private practice. 

Let us look at several alternative career options a Malaysian Law Graduate can pursue: 



It is possible to become a law lecturer, tutor or even a research assistant. Since you will be teaching the academics and vocational subjects of the law, it will then be beneficial for you to pursue your L.L.M (Masters in Law).  

Salary range – RM 5,000 to RM 10,000 


Government Services 

A law degree can also allow you to take up employment in the public sector. Here, most law graduates opt to join the police force or the Legal Department of the Malaysian Government – The AG’s Chambers. You can even join the Legal Departments of any Government Offices or Ministries. 

The salary range will vary, depending on Governments Departments.  


Management Consultation 

This might sound counter-intuitive, but graduates trained in the law, also have opportunities in management consultation roles. Management consultants help businesses run more effectively and efficiently.  

Law graduates are sought after for this role, not only because of their knowledge of the corporate legal structure, but also because of the critical thinking and analysis they learnt in law school.  

Salary range – RM 6,000 to RM 9,000


Intellectual Property (IP) Firms 

Contrary to popular belief, one does NOT need to be a practicing lawyer to have a career in IP Law. Actually, IP firms are companies or firms that provide consultancy on intellectual property related matters.  

You can even apply to be a trademark or patent agent via their respective registrars. You can then earn money on the side, registering trademarks or patents for prospective clients.  

Starting salaries of IP Legal Executives – RM 2,800 to RM 3,500  


Regulatory Bodies 

Law graduates also have the option of joining the Two Main Regulatory Bodies in Malaysia – Bank Negara and Bursa Malaysia (Securities Commission).  

There are graduate trainee programs that can onboard you for a career in the regulatory field. Law graduates are welcomed to apply, but note that competition, is tight.  


Legal In-House Career 

It is also practicable to apply for legal executive roles in commercial corporations. Large corporations such as public-listed companies, multinationals, pharmaceuticals etc., have their own specific legal departments.  

Starting Salary Range – RM 3,000 to RM 6,000 


Legal Writers 

Legal knowledge is also useful for a writing career. There are two types of legal writers, namely – the news writer and the brief writer.  

The news writer mostly analyses current events such as corporate scandals or murder cases, via a legal lense. 

The brief writer mostly conducts case research or draft legal documents such as memorandums and motions for legal clients.  

Salary Range – RM 4,000 to RM 6,000 



Finally, law graduates can consider directly applying to work for the judiciary. Certain local universities have close links with the Judicial Departments.  

They will send people to interview top-students for Judicial Clerkship posts. This will then serve as a platform for a role in either Judicial or Legal Services. Although you are most likely to get respectable social status as a member of the judiciary, career progression and salary increment is relatively slow here. 


The above are only well-known examples of what Law Graduates can become. Studying law equips you with a unique experience and additional skills that will come in useful, regardless if you decide to become a practising lawyer.