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3 Things Law Students and Graduates Can Learn From Legal TV Shows

3 Things Law Students and Graduates Can Learn From Legal TV Shows

Suits. Law & Order. LA Law. Boston Legal. Legal TV Shows present an entertaining (not to mention inspiring) combination of courtroom drama and the real world of legal practice. In fact, watching legal shows can actually help you decide on the area of law to practice in the future!

Let’s dive in and explore some valuable lessons you can gain from watching legal dramas.


1. You learn about legal ethics (and how to conduct yourself as a lawyer)


While a vast majority procedural stuff in legal TV shows is vastly inaccurate (or, at the very least, highly sensationalised), you can use some of these show as examples of behaviour to avoid when it comes to professional codes and ethics. For example, unethical tactics used by characters Alan Shore in Boston Legal and Harvey Spectre in Suits, while entertaining and (mostly) on the side of good, may, in the real world risk them facing disciplinary action.

You can also learn more about proper courtroom etiquette and how you should behave in court, making you better informed on potential ethical blunders.


2. You will be prepared to think on your feet (and basically handle any curve ball thrown your way!)

Besides a sound knowledge of the law, most lawyers on TV shows display strong analytical and critical thinking skills which enables them to think on their feet and manage unexpected turn of events in their client’s case. To thrive in your legal career, it is crucial to learn and master the art of being well-prepared to face your opponent in court to serve your client’s best interest.


3. You will learn how to dress the part


Most people have an image of lawyers being too old-fashioned or having a dreary dress sense. Dressing the part gives you confidence to face your client’s and indirectly makes a good impression on others, including your employers.

TV shows like Suits show us that it doesn’t hurt to bring some style and flair into your working wardrobe. The key to dress for success as a legal professional is to keep it simple and professional.


All in all, legal dramas show us how lawyers have an eye for detail and are capable of thinking out of the box in the interest of their client’s case.